Disaster preparation included in symposium


DISASTER preparedness by nurses and medical professionals will be among issues discussed at the nurses’ symposium in Lae next week.
Consultant and professional committee member Thompson Telepo, from the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, said health workers played an important role in attending to disasters, especially where there were outbreaks of diseases.
Telepo said the government was doing a lot in terms of helping out with funds but the concern was when outbreak of diseases or infections occurred.
“The symposium encourages us to share information and disaster preparedness, especially in diseases and infections,” Telepo said.
“When you look at the interesting papers that are going to be presented at the symposium, it is of significance to the nursing career as well as the government and other stakeholders.”
Meanwhile, acting vice-present of PNG Nurses’ Association Frederic Kebai announced that the professional committee was also working towards hosting the South Pacific Nurses Forum next year.

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