Discipline key to ‘good’ management


Instilling discipline in the Ijivitari district support services is the first priority for MP Richard Masere in his 100-day plan under the government.
Masere said acquittals for Ijivitari district funds is one of the first things that they would carry out.
He said more than K500,000 was drawn out of the district account during the election period which raised a lot of questions.
“We are now looking into that to identify why large sums were paid out during the election period,” Masere said.
“We are trying to instill discipline in our support services so that we can bring control and management to the district level.
“We want to make sure that people’s money is spent where they are purposed for which is on development.”
Masere said the district administration and the treasury were instructed to prepare all the acquittals from 2014 to 2016 by Dec 31.

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