District gives vehicles to health centres, police dept


THE Ialibu-Pangia District Development Authority (DDA) handed over four vehicles to the district health and police departments at Muli village last Tuesday.
It coincided with the opening of the K150,000 Muli Health Center funded by the DDA.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, the local MP and chairman of the DDA presented the vehicles to the Muli Health Centre, Kuare Sub Health Centre, Pangia Health Centre and Ialibu police.
He said two vehicles for the Law and Justice Sector and Highway 17 would be delivered soon.
O’Neill said he wanted the vehicles to be used for the right purposes to save the lives of the rural population.
“The PHA was successfully launched last year and I am proud to present these vehicles to support its work,” he said.
PHA chief executive officer Dr Joseph Birisi said it was only nine months old. He said Ialibu-Pangia was the first district in Southern Highlands to support the work of PHA.
“The other four DDAs must support the PHA and this includes the provincial government. All vehicles and other assets will be properly registered and will be used for the right purposes. There will be no misuse,” he said.
Birisi said the Southern Highlands health indicator was poor compared to other provinces.

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