District needs funds for growth


I WRITE with disappointment about the wastage of public funds in Abau district while the silent majority are suffering.
Recently during a church opening in Maopa village, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill pledged K 50,000 and later during the week Abau MP Sir Puka Temu committed another K50,000 for a canoe racing competition in Pelagai village, Aroma LLG.
This is a lot of money and what saddens me is the state of Abau district today in terms of infrastructure, health and education.
People of Abau are dying due to lack of peoper medical services while classrooms and teachers’ houses are falling apart and academic standards dropping rapidly.
Yet, Sir Puka and the Prime Minister see fit to spend money on a handful of canoe owners and their meaningless sport.
The K100,000.00 could be used to purchase medical drugs to save lives, improve learning infrastructure than satisfy a handful of egotistical canoe owners.
But it doesn’t end there.
Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari followed suit by pledges K100,000 annually for the canoe racing competition.
What a total waste of taxpayers’ money!
Moreover, Lupari urged the Aroma people to continue supporting Sir Puka.
This is blatant political campaigning!
Ironically, Abau should be the role model district in terms of health because Sir Puka is a former Secretary for Health. Yet, it is dragging behind other districts.
I call on the relevant government authorities to investigate how this large sum of public funds is being spent and whether it will be acquitted under the Public Finances Management Act.
Such funs should not wasted on a few greedy people but wpent on saving lives and building infrastructure for tomorrow.

Keakalo Melona
Aroma LLG, Central

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