District needs proper health facilities, local says

Health Watch

PEOPLE in remote Kaintiba and Kotidanga local level government areas in Kerema district of Gulf are dying from preventable diseases due to lack of proper health facilities and health workers, a local says.
President of Widows, Orphans and Deserted Wives Association Kathy Tom said women in these areas were slowly dying from cervical and breast cancer. Tuberculosis was another major killer in the villages, Tom said.
“People are dying at an early age which they are not supposed to.
“They are dying from curable diseases and die while giving birth or because the placenta could not come out.
“Those deaths could be prevented if people have access to proper health facilities with skilled health workers. If a health worker is there in every ward, village or district or communities have their aid posts, I don’t think we will be dying.”
She said for too long the people have suffered because of lack of government services and they needed a change.
“Women are delivering on the road because the health centres are not close to the villages,” Tom said.
“And while they are walking and trying to get to a clinic or aid post they give birth on the road and some die on the road so that is a very sad thing right up in the mountains.
“We don’t have a full functioning health facility up there.
“Sometimes they transfer them to Kerema General Hospital and if not they are airlifted straight from the mountains to Port Moresby General Hospital.”

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