District sees growth despite funding issues


GAZELLE district in East New Britain has delivered many projects with limited funding and for anyone to say otherwise is totally untrue, says outgoing district administrator Rose Murure.
She said this when handing over the job to his successor Ekonia Wallom on Wednesday at the district office at Kerevat.
Murure, 54, from Bitakapuk village in Toma-Vunadidir LLG, is the first female district administrator in East New Britain.
Murure and Ekonia Wallom, the outgoing provincial adviser for LLG and justice, have swapped positions after their appointments were confirmed by the staff development committee chaired by administrator Wilson Matava recently.
Murure, who has experience in human resources management and business development, was district administrator for a year.
“When I began it was a very bad start, I was not given a handover report and I started from scratch learning the hard way on how to manage the district,” she said.
She said that with collaboration from sector coordinators and LLG managers the district was able to get some programmes going.
“I learnt a lot of things and just when I am trying to be in full control, I am being asked to move but I am taking it as a positive opportunity to move on and into a different role.
“Gazelle district is the largest district in ENB and anyone saying they have actually not seen service delivery is totally untrue.
“The district has delivered so much with limited funding, even when DSIP was cut from K15 million to K10 million and compared to the geographical location of the district, it is not enough.”

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