District’s civil servants in fear after house burnt


THE Nipa-Kutubu district development authority (DDA) in Southern Highlands has condemned the actions of men and youths who burnt down a house and vandalised public property last Friday at Nipa station.
DDA chief executive officer John Harrisol claimed that the riot was instigated by people around the station with the intent to blame it on the national election.
He said the supporters of candidates in the Nipa local level government accepted defeat and there was no problem but these criminal acts were instigated by senseless people who had no respect for public properties.
The criminals ransacked office furniture and other properties inside public servants’ houses, ripped off solar panels for the district office and burnt down returning officer John Walbo’s home.
“I have not seen such violence and vandalising of public properties, stealing and criminal activity in my carrier as a public servant,” Harrisol said.
Walbo was away in Port Moresby with MP Jeffery Komal after his declaration when his (Walbo’s) house and all his properties were burnt down.
Harrisol said it was unsafe for public servants to return to work but he would urge them to return on Monday.
Komal, who is the chairman of the DDA, said the station was once covered in tall grass. When he was elected in 2012, he cleaned the station and started improving the infrastructures.
He said the State land was once occupied by landowners illegally and he had to use police and the defence force to remove them and build houses for public servants.

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