Doctor rates cancer high in women


THE most common cancers in the country are breast and cervical in women and others such as leukemia, lung, liver, mouth and lymphomas have started to become more widely known in recent times, Dr Peter Olali says.
Dr Olali is in-charge of the Port Moresby General Hospital cancer and oncology services.
He told The National that females were bound to get breast cancer at a stage in their lifetime as they were automatically at risk when they were born.
He stressed on the importance of going for regular check-ups to avoid complication which often led to death.
“You cannot modify your life style, if you are a female you already have a risk of having it. So the only way is to check yourself regularly, once you fill a little lump in your breast, go for a check-up, do not wait because once it starts growing then it is late,” Dr Olali said.
He said on the other hand, cervical cancer was self-inflicted, and, therefore, was preventable.
He said women needed to modify some of their living styles to be able to avoid cervical cancer.
Dr Olali made special mention that there was no specific treatment for liver cancer, which was caused by hypostasis and highlighted the importance of immunising a baby (with hypostasis B) to prevent any chances of getting liver cancer.
“I always tell my patients that cancer is like a bad tree growing in the middle of all the good trees, once it is still small and you uproot it, then it will be taken out for good. Do not watch it spread it roots,” he said.

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