Doctors want new leaders to put people first


THE National Doctors Association has called on all elected leaders to put the interest of their people and the country first when deciding which coalition to join to form a new government.
Through a statement authorised by national president Dr James Naipao and national secretary Dr Sam Yockopua yesterday, the association stated that the manner in which the 2017 national election was being conducted remained a very serious concern.
“We have all witnessed the irregularities and anomalies ranging from printing of ballot papers in Indonesia, with over two million excess ballot papers, to poorly managed electoral rolls, impartiality in management of elections, inflation and insertion of marked ballot papers, polling manipulation, bribery and undue influences, Sunday voting, among many other rigging processes,” the statement said.
“Many public figures have demanded the resignation of the electoral commissioner to save his face and many have also declared 2017 national election to be failed.”
The association said the resignation of the highly decorated members of the election steering committee spoke volumes.
“Despite these struggles and challenges, the general population has been adamant to overcome
the barriers and the results of the election seem to speak for themselves.
“Many of sitting MPs lost their seats including some senior ministers.
“Some new faces and former MPs have surged to the scene and it is our appeal that this election holds the key for us to cover the past and open a new chapter to begin a path destined for betterment of this country,” they said.
“The manner the elections have been conducted may be bad but what we do from here on must be good.
“Therefore NDA, as the voice of the voiceless, appeals to all elected leaders to be patriotic, think about your people who voted for you and form alliances with
line-minded leaders to save the country from corruption.”

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