Doctors welcome decision to address medicine shortage


By Rebecca KUKU
DOCTORS have welcomed the government’s decision to release K50 million to address the shortage of medicine in the country’s health facilities.
National Doctors Association secretary Dr Sam Yockopua said it was good to see the issue addressed.
Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu had told the medical symposium in Port Moresby on Sunday that K50mil was being released to the Health department to fix the medicine shortage problem.
Yockopua is the chief emergency physician at the Port Moresby General Hospital.
He had been very vocal lately on the shortage of drugs and medicine, manpower issues, health infrastructure redevelopments, working conditions for health professionals, their professional developments, lack of funding to health and police brutality against health workers.
“While we have had issues regarding health concerns in the country which demanded attention through either the normal established systems, or through the union (association), the issues are now being addressed,” Yockopua said.
He said Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Sir Puka Temu had also clarified the media “gag” issue and allowed an open-door policy.
Yockopua said while the medicine shortage issue had been addressed, the doctors association would continue to speak out where and when necessary.
“We acknowledge the prime minister’s commitment and the health minister’s initiatives. We also thank Health Secretary Pascoe Kase for the regular dialogue and fruitful negotiations. And we also thank the public for the continuous support,” he said.
Yockopua said health was everyone’s business and people had to work together towards better services.
“No man is an island by itself. We all need each other,” he said.

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