Donations to support programme


OPERATION Open Heart PNG raised close to K600,000 last month during the two performances by Australian singer Darly Braithwaite.
Since its establishment 23 years ago, it has saved the lives of more than 1000 children and adults in Papua New Guinea.
It relies mainly on donors and fundraising activities to bring in cardiologists and surgeons to operate on children with heart problems.
Recently, it has cut back on the number of overseas doctors because more local doctors are able to conduct most of the operation themselves after overseas training and mentorship acquired through the Operation Open Heart partnership.
Chairperson Kathy Johnston said the Operation Open Heart received K30,000 last week from the Melanesian Association in PNG.
Another K30,000 was given to the heart institute of the Port Moresby General Hospital. They also received K50,000 from the New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL).
Country manager Robert Nilkare said it was to support a programme which had proved to be successful for many years.
“NBPOL supports many health and education programmes within the provinces we operate in. We continue to assist our communities through the hard work of our employees and site general managers,” he said.
Every year, the Open Heart International team from Singapore and Australia visit PNG four times. The Australian team operate on children and the Singapore team operate on adults.

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