Don’t destroy projects: Siniwin


DEFEATED Nawaeb MP Gisuwat Siniwin has warned his supporters not to destroy projects he initiated in the past five years.
Siniwin said the projects and infrastructure were funded by the government through the service improvement programmes.
“These programmes, facilities and equipment are to serve the people to sustain their livelihoods. Therefore no one, especially my supporters, should destroy the programmes, projects and facilities,” Siniwin said.
“Leave alone all these government-funded properties and allow the new MP Kennedy Wenge to carry on from where I left off.
“The people have spoken through the ballot paper.”
Siniwin told The National that he had accepted the result because the role of mandating leadership for the people belonged to God alone.
“I am thankful to the people of Nawaeb, especially Wain-Erap, for their undivided support in the last five years. I have performed to the best of my ability to serve the people’s wishes and aspirations,” he said.
Siniwin, the People’s National Congress party candidate, polled 4933 to finish third behind Kennedy Wenge of Pangu on 9691 and Samson Timson on 7844.
He said he would work with Wenge and other Morobe MPs for the sake of the people.

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