Don’t leave room for disputes, officials told


By Muhuyupe Soranzi
RETURNING Officer for Moresby North-West electorate Moka Havara has urged  election officers and the polling officials to conduct a free, fair and safe elections.
This is important to avoid cases of disputed returns filed after the elections.
Havara, 64, from Gulf and Central, had served in similar positions during past elections in Bougainville, Eastern Highlands, Gulf, National Capital District and Central.
In October 1977, he was appointed the provincial electoral officer for Bougainville and conducted the first provincial government election.
He said part of his job was to make sure that candidates were briefed on the requirements during the campaign period.
“I have to make sure that candidates are briefed on the requirements on what they should do during the campaigns. They will also inform the polling officials to make sure they do the right thing,” he said.
He also called on the polling officials to take into account two important documents for the elections – the enrolments forms for roll updates and the ballot papers.
“These are the two important documents that must be kept safely and make sure that records must be kept on how many have been used,” Havara said.

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