Don’t let the law of man pollute your conscience


I WOULD like to respond to Pastor Mathew Leski Passingan-Sangkum’s article last week Friday about Sunday being the right day to start work.
Pastor Mathew, I commend you for having to go through all these trouble to give us a brief history of which day is the correct day of rest and which day to start work again.
An important factor you fail to comprehend is that the Organic Law on National and Local-Level Government Elections does not in its entirety mention or make reference to anything about God, day of rest nor day of work.
What you wrote is based on your assumption that, this law was made because maybe it was deemed a day of rest.
Please be reminded that the law of man does not necessarily always align with God’s laws.
The Organic Law is the current law under the constitution of Papua New Guinea and it was breached, hence this discussion, and I would expect someone with your caliber to respect the law of man as you respect God’s.
Save your explanations for your sermons in church and leave the elections to the scrutineers don’t let the law of man pollute your conscience.


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