Why don’t party leaders convince voters?


I READ with great interest on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s headline story of June 5 in this daily newspaper titled ‘Policies key, not personal agendas’.
The headline says O’Neill is playing his politics in a different way which he does not have any intention what so ever to criticise the other political parties contesting the elections around the country.
He is mindful about his election and does his best by attending rallies to give moral support to his endorsed candidates.
What are you other party leaders are doing to your endorsed candidate’s shows you just stayed at your home province and maybe few times go out to other provinces to attend rallies hosted by your endorsed candidates and preach about ‘vote out PNC party and vote out O’Neill government’.
Is this the style of politics and yeah maybe your #1 foremost agenda on one of your policies?
Why don’t you other political party leaders convince us to vote or your candidates instead you sit back relax at home feeding bullshit and unproductive politics to the media.

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