Dop wants battalion backed


Jimi MP Mai Dop has called on the Government to properly resource the PNG Defence Force engineering battalion to carry out civic duties in the country.
Dop accompanied Defence Minister Dr Fabian Pok to Igam Barracks in Lae last week to commemorate the battalion’s 40th anniversary.
A contingent of the battalion had been deployed in the district since 2013 to upgrade a road and build bridges to create access for Jimi people.
Dop contributed K20,000 to help the servicemen and their families celebrate the milestone.
He gave a further K100,000 to the battalion commanders to help pay allowances and other costs for the contingent deployed in his electorate.
“I want to commend the engineering battalion for their 40 years of service to the country,” Dop said in a statement.
“I represent an electorate that is very remote and underdeveloped.
“In terms of infrastructure development, governments over the years have not given priority to us. That is why I made a decision to ask for your battalion’s help in 2013.
“We have seen a lot of improvement to our road.
“New bridges are being built to open up parts of the district that were inaccessible before.
“Jimi is undergoing change for the better.
“My people have nothing but praise for the work you (servicemen) are doing.”
He noted that over 40 years, the battalion had delivered over 600 projects around the country.
“The battalion can do more, especially building transport infrastructure in rural and remote areas where the Works Department is not present,” Dop said.
“The Government needs to provide adequate funds and resources.
“Their (servicemen) mission is to get in and deliver so they deserve our support.”

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