Double endorsement of candidates ‘not allowed’


A CANDIDATE can stand as a member of a political party or as an Independent but not both, according to the Registry of Political Parties.
The registry said double endorsement was not allowed under the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates
“An intending candidate endorsed by a political party in a general election is not allowed to receive funding from any other political party(s), other than that which endorsed him/her. And that the political party(s) should not endorse other candidates for the same seat during elections,” it said in an information booklet for candidates.
“In breach of this law by a person or a political party, a fine of not more than K15,000 or jail sentence of six months, with subsequent finding of a declaration of the election victory as null and void by the tribunal or court hearing the matter.
“An intending candidate for elections shall not misrepresent to the public in any way, by either public announcement or publication in the print or electronic media, of his affiliation to any political party if he is not being endorsed by the political party, and including the use of other persons/organisations to advance this.
“In breach of this law, a fine of not more than K1000 or jailed for a term not more than six months, or both.”
It said non-citizens were ineligible from contesting the elections.

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