Double the honours for Dumanis


DUNAMIS claimed titles in both the A and reserve grades at the Pari Rugby League finals in Pari village on Saturday.
In the A grade decider, Dunamis held out the Raiders 14-4 and in the earlier final their reserve grade were too strong for Potawa Eels winning the match 22-10.
In the Under-20s Potawa Eels edged out Blades 8-4.
Played on a dusty pitch the heat and humidity did not stop the teams from putting on strong performances in trying curcumstances.
A big plus for the day’s matches was the respect shown for referee Ben Muri and his assisiatnts during a fun-filled day of football in the Moresby South electorate.
Dunamis scored twice in their A grade final through John Stanley and Boge Frank while Matagu Cecil kicked two penalty goals and Rapana Kidu added another for the winning total. Dunamis lead 8-2 at the break.
The Raiders could only muster two penalty goals by Nou David.

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