Drekore deserves his Nobel prize


Let me congratulate Jimmy Drekore for being the recipient of
a prestigious international award, the Nobel Prize for Child Advocacy.
On the 27th of this month, Mr Jimmy Drekore and his spouse will travel to New York where the award ceremony will take place.
This award is unquestionably a first for a Papua New Guinean who has dedicated his time and talent to better the lives of the sick and the disadvantaged children especially in Chimbu.
Jimmy Drekore is the founder of Simbu Children Foundation, a charity organisation that has supported many sick and disadvantaged children in Chimbu over the last 10 years.
I am honoured to say that Jimmy Drekore truly deserves this accolade.
We, the people of Chimbu, are behind you, Mr Drekore.
Let me also thank the good- hearted Papua New Guineans and Chimbus, from all walks of life, who have tirelessly supported Simbu Children Foundation one way or another over the last 10 years.
You have supported a worthwhile cause that we all believe in so let us continue to open our hearts to the needy in our society.
We all share this moment of
joy together because it is your
generosity that brings hope to the underprivileged in this part of the world.
It is in giving that one finds the greatest satisfaction in life.

Paul Waugla Wii
Wandi, Chimbu

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