Duma: I have power to appoint SOE boards


MINISTER for Public Enterprises and State Investment William Duma now has the power to appoint board members of State-owned enterprises.
He told The National that there was an anomaly in the Independent Public Business Corporation Act 2012 regarding the appointment of these boards which Parliament amended last month.
“Parliament approved the amendments which now allows me to go to Cabinet without waiting for recommendations from the board themselves,” Duma said.
“We are waiting for the amendments to be gazetted.
“There is an anomaly which was not picked up by anyone until I became minister and I realised this.
“So I’ve taken the amendments to Parliament.”
He said six State agencies were without boards – Telikom, Dataco, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited, Eda Ranu, PNG Water and Air Niugini.
He said the PNG Ports Corporation case was different.
Under the Act, Cabinet makes appointments based on nominations from the board.
Duma said the PNG Ports board nominated various board members before their term expired.

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