Duma’s appointment sparks debates over land issue


Kairuku-Hiri MP  and National Alliance’s Peter Isoaimo is questioning the appointment of William Duma, the Hagen open MP, as a caretaker Minister for Public Enterprise and  State Investments.
Isoaimo, in a statement, raised the issue about the financial transaction to move the PNG Defence Force base to Manumanu in the Kairuku-Hiri district of Central which led to Duma being suspended and an investigation ordered by the government.
Duma held the same portfolio in the government at the time.
“If we do not challenge this huge spending of government money without proper consultations with landowners, this type of deals will continue and become accepted government behaviour,” Isoaimo said.
“Sadly, we have become marginalised people in our own land.
“The Alliance stands firmly together, no more land-grabbing on our watch.”
Leader of the National Alliance Party Patrick Pruaitch said: “The land-grabbing must stop and most importantly the member for Hagen open must not take any portfolio of consequence in the government until the investigation is complete and the findings made public – especially the State Enterprise portfolio as the transaction took place via Kumul Holdings.
“We will also consult with the Central governor and all other Central province Alliance team members on this important human rights issue,” Pruaitch said.
“We will then encourage landowners to seek support for legal representation from non-profit organisations that see the public interest importance of their plight.
“We cannot allow the cost of legal representation to stand in the way of justice for our people.
“The Alliance is committed to supporting Isoaimo and the governor of Central in their fight for justice for the people of Manumanu,”

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