Easter gifts to boost rehabilitation programmes of Beon inmates


EASTER this year was a special one for inmates at Beon jail in Madang when they were given television screens by Madang MP Nixon Duban.
The inmates were having their Easter camp as part of their rehabilitation programme when TVWAN’s technicians arrived on Saturday to install four 50-inch TV screens in their common rooms.
CIS Commander Kosia Bann said the four screens were installed in the women’s quarters, maximum security, minimum security and the juvenile quarters.
“I am pleased because Duban made the commitment to donate those screens a long time ago,” Bann said.
“I told the inmates that they will be having an Easter present and now they are all excited about the huge screens with powerful sound systems.”
He said the 381 inmates would watch different TV channels.
Duban said the purchase of the screens and process of flying in experts to install the facilities cost nearly K50,000.
He said the facility could also help run with their rehabilitation programmes.
He said that CIS was part of an area that they wanted to assist.
“There are key areas we want to help and one of them is CIS so that we can address humanitarian issues,” Duban said.
Manu Mal representing the inmates thanked Duban and said it was an Easter blessing which showed that some people still cared for them.
“This is a blessing to us and a step in the right direction,” Mal said.

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