EC calls on supporters and candidates to remain calm and stay away from violence


ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato has appealed to election candidates and supporters to remain calm and refrain from using violence, threats and intimidation.
Gamato told a press conference that he had received reports of violence and fighting in the Highlands region and coastal provinces.
“In any race, there is only one winner. Candidates who have won have the mandate of the majority of the people under the limited preferential voting system,” Gamato said.
“The people have spoken through the ballot papers and their choices and wishes must be respected.
“There are some provinces that are into fighting and violence mainly in Enga province.
“I make this reference to Finschhafen in Morobe, some parts of Huon Gulf and Komo-Margarima in Hela province and some in New Ireland.
“I have made a nationwide appeal on my election talk for peace and calm during elections.
“I strongly appeal to candidates and supports to respect the outcome of the respective electorates and exercise some commonsense, restrain and maturity.
“Destruction of public and private properties is a criminal act and behaviour and those responsible will be dealt accordingly under the criminal laws of our country by law enforcement agencies.
“Resorting to violence to demonstrate dissatisfaction over the election results is very irresponsible behaviour and indeed unlawful and undemocratic.
“Destruction to both public and private properties is a criminal behaviour.
“Those responsible will be dealt with accordingly under the criminal laws of our country by law enforcing agency, the police.”

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