EC must conduct voter education


THE outcome of the 2017 general elections that cost millions of kina every 5 years is primarily dependent on the intelligent involvement of the voting population.
The results of our elections over the last 40 years raise some serious questions about our people’s level of knowledge and meaningful involvement in voting the best
political leaders in the best interest of their constituencies and the nation.
Most of our people are ignorant about their duty and responsibility to engage in the election of good leaders.
The politicians we have had over the last 40 years are the result of our votes.
Unfortunately, most of us can’t look back with pride.
While the Registrar of Political Parties is embarking on a path to educate and develop a better political parties culture, the Electoral Commission is very silent about the education and development of a good effective voters culture.
Our people need to be educated to take responsibility of our election outcomes that will take us forward. Without this, our people will continue to be ignorant and play the money politics orchestrated by the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats as has been the case up to this point in time.
So I urge everyone to demand the Electoral Commission to design and deliver voter education aggressively to bring about among our people the best outcomes in this election and onwards.

Lemech John Kama
Wasara, ESP

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