EC: Do not waste your time, put petitions on back-burner


ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato says all election petitions filed by candidates will be dealt with by the Court of Disputed Returns.
He was responding to petitions submitted to the commission by some candidates in Northern, Milne Bay and Central.
“Don’t waste time with petitions. We are coming towards the end of the polling and counting. In the next couple of days, counting will end in most electorates,” he said.
“So it’s better to allow the process to continue and finish.
“If they are aggrieved, and they’ve got evidence, they can come to the Court of Disputed Returns.
“We cannot disturb the election process. Until and when the process is completed and exhausted, we cannot deal with the petitions.”
Some candidates from Ijivitiari open and Northern regional seats petitioned election manager Peter Malaifeope and provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari on Sunday regarding the counting process.
Similar cases were brought up in Milne Bay and Abau open in Central.
Gamato said he was not aware of any candidate from Northern planning to meet him.
“I heard that on the radio. I have not met with the candidates,” he said.
“I can meet with them when they are ready.”

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