Eda Ranu bill puzzles customer


WE know that people are finding it very difficult these days to make ends meet.
Money is hard to come by, as the government is well aware.
So we should all be very grateful when an outstanding Papua New Guinea company goes out of its way to help the people of this country deal with these challenges.
I just got my Eda Ranu bill.
Last month I was charged K10.50 for 35 kilolitres of water used. This month I was charged K49 for the same amount of water.
This is an increase from K0.30 to K1.40 per kilolitre!
My bill has gone up over four and a half times.
That’s obscene.
Is Eda Ranu so desperate for money that they have to force such a huge increase on their loyal customers?

Zebra Yava Nditing
Port Moresby

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