Eda Ranu to continue development


EDA Ranu is to develop water services in Port Moresby despite limited resources, says chief executive officer Henry Mokono.
He said this yesterday in response to National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop saying that the water company was not doing enough to deliver water in the city.
“We have not failed NCDC or for that matter the governor’s office in rolling out our services,” Mokono told The National.
He said Eda Ranu was involved in such major projects as laying pipelines along the Taurama Ring Road, 6-Mile to Bautama and several others.
“The governor came out saying that there were problems in Morata,” Mokono said.
“Morata, as far as we are concerned, are the biggest users of water without paying.
“Why would we want to invest so much money in an area where we can’t collect (money)?
“It’s got to be rateable.”
Mokono said this year and at the start of next year, the pre-paid meter concept would be used.
“That’s going to come on the back of our second low-level water treatment plant,” he said.
“That will address a good part of the lower sections of Port Moresby, especially the north-east and the north-west side.
“The plan is to establish water reservoirs at Gerehu, Erima and the (Mt Eriama) treatment plant to address most of these populated areas of Gerehu, Morata and Tokarara.
“We’re looking at construction next year if all the negotiations and discussions with the partners are completed.”
Mokono said it must also be understood that Eda Ranu continued to operate under the build-operate-transfer (BOT) concept, unlike other State-owned enterprises.
“Most of our funds are tied down with this BOT,” he said.
“On an annual basis, Eda Ranu never has, since inception, had enough money nor had budget support from the national government.
“That’s the dilemma that we are faced with.
“In terms of what Governor Parkop has criticised, realistically, we are working hand-in-hand with NCDC.
“Where major roads are being constructed, we are laying pipelines.”

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