Eda Ranu needs a plan to work with, says official


EDA Ranu does not have a master plan to use when rolling out water pipes in the city, its board chairperson Mary Karo says.
She stressed that the company could not just go into an area to dig and put pipes in.
Karo said this following a recent blowup by NCD Governor Powes Parkop at PNG Power Ltd and Eda Ranu.
“I thought it was very unfair for him (Parkop) to say that because time and again, Eda Ranu technical people have been in touch with his people, we have made it known that in order for Eda Ranu to go into every corner we need a master plan to go by,” she said.
“We cannot just go in and dig, this is a city and we have to do things correctly.
“To date, we still don’t have a master plan to go by so considering the need out there, our team has done a lot of work.
“The area that the Governor Parkop has indicated at Morata, we are working on the designs, scope and costs which will be given to him.
“Traditionally, that area has been a no-go-zone because of many abuses, but we believe there is a change of mindset and people ask us to bring in water, they are willing to pay.
“We are looking at putting in prepaid meters so that the ownership of using and paying water is in their hands.”
Karo further urged the public to report to NCDC also if they see pools of water on roadsides which may be caused by blockages.
“Sometimes you see pools of water on the roadside, and you start thinking ‘Eda Ranu, why haven’t they done anything,” she said.
“Let me correct you, those pools of water could be as a result of blocked storm water drains, grease trapped from restaurants or buildings.
“Our team, when alerted, they go and see NCDC whether it takes them one day or 20 days, it’s up to them, we cannot touch their work, surplus water you see on road surfaces.
“Don’t put all the blame on Eda Ranu only.
“Public if you see pools of water on roadsides, report to NCDC as well.”

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