Eda Ranu: No govt water cut


Reports by Rebecca Kuku
Eda Ranu will not cut water supply to government departments that have outstanding water bills, says acting chief executive Dr Fifaia Matainaho.
Matainaho said Eda Ranu was also a State entity.
“We have a standing arrangement with the Government and have dialogue with the chief secretary’s office weekly,” Matainaho said.
“There is an arrangement already in place for payments.”
Matainaho said Eda Ranu understood that the country was going through some difficult times and would work with the Government.
“Entities like Eda Ranu and PNG Power are all State-owned entities, so we have to be more understanding.”
Matainaho said payments for government buildings and properties were done weekly.
“When we don’t receive it weekly, we just add it and the Government always pays up its due whenever it makes the payment,” Matainaho said.
“The current arrangement we have in place is working okay.”

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