Educated children productive: Dop


JIMI MP Mai Dop has urged parents and members of the community to provide a conducive pathway for children so they can adopt a keen interest to be in school.
Dop was lecturing parents and members of the community at Konzka Primary School in Middle Jimi last Thursday on the importance of educating children.
Dop stressed that children who were educated became productive people and contributed meaningfully to the positive development of a community.
“We want change. Who’s going to bring that change? It’s the children who are sitting here today that will bring change,” he said.
“The children who are here today will build you good roads, bridges, classrooms and aid posts.
“They will replace us when we go down. It’s a life process and we must all work to ensure they replace us.
“We must invest in these children. We must send them to school. They must not stay back in the village.”
Dop stressed that he hated seeing young people standing on roadsides, beating their chests and saying “mi drug body ya, mi steam body ya, mi mangi lo ples ya (I’m a drug and steam body from the village)”.
Dop said mothers did not give birth to a son or daughter just to see them end up as a drug or steam body and be a “nobody” in the community.
“God has a perfect plan for your children and he has vested all responsibility and powers over you to determine who your child becomes in the future.
“If you abuse your role on that child (which is a blessing from God) and let your kid end up in an unfortunate situation, who are you going to blame, the kid or yourself? You’ve got to be a responsible parent.”
Dop said that being a responsible parent was to provide every opportunity to ensure the kid went to school and had a better life.
He challenged parents not to call their children stupid or all kinds of names because such names would stop blessings.

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