Educated majority key to quality life: Official


THE Education Pacific Agency’s vision is to have an educated majority living a quality life through education, founder and director Jeffers Heptol says.
Heptol told The National that EPA had helped over 50 Papua New Guinean students to receive undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships to study in various universities in China.
Heptol who was living in China since 2006 said with a well-informed and educated majority, it was the agency’s vision to help others live an improved life to alleviate poverty.
He said the agency encouraged students to go for further studies in China because the country was industrialised and students would capture the spirit of entrepreneurship, and be exposed to creative and innovative ways of learning.
Heptol, who has a degree in science from University of Technology (Unitech) and masters in science from Northeastern University in Liaoning, China, said the agency promoted gender equality and 50 per cent of students who were awarded scholarships with the help of EPA were women.
Samson Karato who was awarded a scholarship to study at a university in China said all he had to do was provide the information that was required and the agency facilitated for his scholarship.
Heptol said he encouraged more people who were willing to further their education in China after Grade 12 to search for the agency on Facebook to apply so that they could help secure scholarships for them.

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