‘Education more than just about employment’


BEING educated is not only about getting a job, Gerehu Secondary School principal Martin Kenehe says.
Kenehe said it was also about equipping a generation with decent knowledge to fend for their wellbeing.
He said not all students who completed Grade 12 made it into tertiary institutions.
Kenehe was speaking during the school’s Grade 12 graduation
ceremony in Port Moresby last week.
“You have the knowledge and that is a powerful tool, it is the power of knowledge that can make you make a difference. It’s not just about getting a job,” he said.
“PNG needs educated citizens such as you all that can decide the future of our country.”
He urged the graduates to be proud of their achievement and to have an open mind about life and all the opportunities that were out there for them.
This year, the school saw 541 Grade 12 students graduate.
“Gerehu Secondary School tries to meet the demand of the increase of rural-urban-drift,” Kenehe said.
“Port Moresby is going through urbanisation and many are parents are transferring into the city and of course a long with them are children.”

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