Education on life skills needed


PEOPLE need education on life skills to sustain themselves, Gerehu Stage -Six youth coordinator Christopher Kokoipa says.
He told The National during the opening of a three-day first aid training at Gerehu that they wanted to engage as many youths as possible “to take part in productive life skills training to sustain themselves positively”.
More than 30 youths from Gerehu attended the training facilitated by the Red Cross on first aid, health and hygiene.
“This first aid training is very important for everyone as accidents happen every day and people need basic knowledge to assist in treating an injury in places where proper hospitals cannot be reached quickly,” Kokoipa said.
NCD and Central Red Cross coordinator Timothy Evoa said they would be taught how to treat circulatory disorder, internal bleeding, fracture management, first aid, health and hygiene. They had completed trainings on disaster, youths, communications, logistics, violence, blood donor, HIV AIDS and health.

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