Education Minister praises teachers


EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman celebrated the Teachers’ Day with his teachers from Gumine district in Chimbu last Tuesday.
Acting Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra and Teaching Services Commission chairman Baran Sori accompanied the minister to celebrate the day to give prominence to the commemoration of International Teachers’ Day  and providing confidence to the teachers in Gumine.
Celebrations held at St Anne’s Primary School was attended by teachers and students from 25 primary schools, a secondary school, two technical high schools and elementary schools in the district.
Kuman said teachers are integral part in the education reforms being undertaken, as such producing quality content oriented teachers is captured.
He said education is the number one priority of the government and the focus on attaining quality education for our students primarily covers teachers, students and school infrastructure.
Other enabling policies include health, infrastructure development, law and order and growing the economy.
The celebration saw Kombra and Sori highlighting to the teachers of their improved working conditions and allowances the PNG Teachers’ Association had presented to the Government in 2014 which has been implemented.
They also spoke highly of the 55,000 plus teachers throughout the country for their undying efforts and sacrifices in teaching students under trying conditions and branded them as true heroes in their respective communities.

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