Education, social awareness seen as key


EDUCATION and social awareness to villages will always be a priority for Central students at the University of Papua New Guinea, a student leader says.
University of Papua New Guinea Central Student Union president Isaac Gamoga said this during the Central cultural show at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby on Saturday.
Gamoga said money generated from the show would go towards funding the awareness programmes.
“It is a big need,” he said.
Gamoga said service delivery to Central was very slow despite it being just outside of National Capital District.  He said union members would be conducting education and social awareness in selected schools and villages in each district.
“In terms of education awareness, we will visit secondary and high schools in each district, and talk about academic requirements that the students need to obtain in order to earn a place in any university or in University of Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“Social awareness is done in villages in each district.
“Students select topics which affects the everyday life of the people in the village such as village and formal court systems, health and women empowerment and many more.”

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