Elect good leaders to reduce corruption


A FORMER Prime Minister and Governor of Western Highlands, Paias Wingti, has raised concern complaint about politicians interfering with the appointment of returning officers for the 2017 general elections.
Wingti has urged Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato not to bow down to leaders trying to politicise the election process.
Firstly, I am happy that Wingti has dropped the bomb on an agenda that is happening right under our eyes and noses.
It is common knowledge that politicians and bureaucrats are trying to manipulate government systems and processes.
Secondly, our leaders and citizens have a moral and ethical obligation to this nation to protect it’s the constitution and government institutions and processes.
Therefore, it is quite disappointing to note that our electoral system and processes have been tempered with and are being manipulated by currents leaders and intending politicians.
Nonetheless, I am fascinated that a leader of Wingti’s stature has come down so low to complain about a relatively minor issue when he has been hiding away on major national issues of corruption.
I am amazed to learn that Wingti was hiding when we needed him most and resurfacing at this very late juncture.
Politicians are ready to dish out millions of kina to the illiterate population in the next general elections.
God Almighty has allowed African states to fall so Papua New Guinea is not immune for there are limits to Gods tolerance and forgiveness.
Thirdly, there is no denial that money is at work to rig the electoral outcomes.
The strategy is to use the states own resources to destroy the state again.
However, I still bet for the last beacon of hope and that is people power.
The clan and tribal systems with the young generations of today still remain the solutions to ensure the corrupt practices stop at the top and do no reach ground level.
I still have the trust and confidence that our people are fed-up with bribery and corruption, hence, will not allow corruption to continue to rob their freedom of expression and freedom to elect good leaders who will serve their interests.
Political corruption has limits and will fail.
Finally, I urge all Papua New Guineans to be self conscious and not to abuse and misuse their golden opportunity in June 2017 when we will be going to the polls to elect our Members of Parliament for the next five years.
We must vote with clear conscience and at armslength without undue influence by brides and gifts.

Yapi Akore
Kagua-Erave, SHP

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