Election nomination fee hike another test to our democracy


MANY Papua New Guineans have spoken for or against election nomination fee hike from K1000  to K10,000.
I assume not all MPs have supported this huge increase although they have the funds to pay for their nominations.
Our democracy has been tested again by power-hungry leaders.
Are they in parliament to safeguard their livelihood or to represent the people to deliver services?
Parliament now seems to be the club house for the rich and the election is the game for millionaires.
Where is democracy and justice?
I don’t have money but have brilliant ideas and want to contest too and if someone with money plays dirty and gets into parliament, I will be a double looser because I will have no money to challenge the illegality of the win.
Does this mean anything to Papua New Guineans?
I am seeing PNG moving towards guided democracy and eventually class system where if you are a cleaner, your descendants are cleaners and if you are a bureaucrat likewise or if you an MP the trend follows.
If the Government and the Electoral Commission is looking for money to run the National Elections, about time the greedy MPs follow PNG Party leader Belden Namah’s suggestion to cut his salary.
Not a single MP has come out to support Namah.
Are they telling us that they deserve the perks and privileges they get?
Papua New Guineans should think critically during the forthcoming elections and elect candidates who will serve them first.
Do away with the handout mentality and go for the best possible candidate to represent you and fight for the democracy we are made to belief.

Peter Akori
Okapa, EHP

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