Electoral commission to investigate ballot marking away from voting process


The electoral commission will investigate an incident involving marking of ballot papers in six boxes at the Singirok Barracks in Jiwaka.
Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato told a media conference that marking ballot papers out of the voting process was inappropriate.
“I have seen the video footage and I must admit that marking of ballot papers outside the process is inappropriate and not democratic,” Gamato said.
“This marking of ballot papers involves six boxes including Kendu and Kendu 1, Tolu 1 and 2 and Bolba 1 and 2,” Gamato said
The video footage showed ballot papers in Jiwaka being marked and it has gone viral on social media.
“Let me say that Singirok barracks is a gazetted place for polling,” Gamato said.
“There is no problem with that, but the manner in which the marking of ballot papers outside the process was done is not correct.
“It breaches the electoral laws and process, so my decision is to direct the returning officer through the election manager to set those boxes aside as disputed boxes.
“I will direct a thorough investigation into this incident to find out who was involved in making that decision to hijack this electoral process, and based on their findings make a decision at a later date.”

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