Electoral Commission is riddled with corruption


THIS is a follow-up to my letter on Monday July 10 pertaining to the resignation of the electoral advisory committee (EAC).
In Tuesday’s paper, Gamato quickly lashes out at the resignation of the EAC stating that, they were not an integral part of the Electoral Commission (EC) and that, they were required to, only recommend whether an election is deemed a success or failure but not declare. He then blabbers on to mention that, he is the only one that had the power to declare whether an election was a success or failure.
The intriguing highlight of that article was that, not once did he outline the reason (s) as to why the EAC resigned.
Instead, he went into a defensive-mode by talking gibberish about EAC quitting prematurely and that, they only recommend and not declare but he is the one to declare.
In Wednesday’s follow-on article from yesterday’s paper, the committee again, clearly reiterate their reasons for resigning which is solely based on the Electoral Commission’s failure to provide baseline data and information for them to make a recommendation on the outcome of the 2017 general election.
I will be gearing up for today’s paper just so that I can have another laugh at the Electoral Commissioner’s response to EAC.
The Electoral Commission is riddled with Corruption


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