Electoral Commission urged to hasten NCD counting

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By Muhuyupe Soranzi
SUPPORTERS of National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, pictured, have called on the Electoral Commission to speed up the counting process.
During a gathering at the Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby yesterday, the governor’s executive officer, Emmanuel Bobola ,said they were concerned about the slow progress of the counting for the NCD regional seat. The one-day polling in Port Moresby was conducted on June 30, almost three weeks ago.
“The main reason supporters want to stage a peaceful protest after having a meeting with the electoral commissioner is our concern with the delay of the declaration of the NCD regional seat,” he said.
“We also know that the counting room for the NCD regional seat is now not run by the Electoral Commission but controlled by the scrutineers for opposing candidates.”
He said because of overwhelming control exerted by scrutineers in the counting room, they had approached the electoral commissioner to address the issue.
Bobola said they had advised the NCD election manager to take charge of the counting room and not to allow the scrutineers to intervene and delay the whole counting process.
“Scrutineers have intervened and delayed the process since the start of the primary counts and are still doing the same with the elimination process,” Bobola said.

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