Electrol roll nearly done, says Official


THE Electoral Commission is now on the home stretch of completing the 2017 electoral roll, spokesman Alphonse Muapi said yesterday.
He told The National that verification and data entry had been completed in the provinces and sent to headquarters.
Muapi said quality checks would be carried out before Electoral Commissioner Patilis Gamato signed off for printing.
He said the roll would be ready for distribution early next month.
Gamato was expecting the final electoral roll to be printed about now for use in the election which starts on June 24.
“Rolls should be dispatched to the electorates by early June.
“Most provinces and electorates have completed their roll updates and are now displaying their rolls for objections and verifications
“All preliminary rolls have been printed and delivered to provinces for display.
“After roll objections and verifications, final rolls will be certified by Electoral Commissioner for printing and used for the election,” Muapi said.

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