Elementary school misses out on TFF grants


AN elementary school in the Imbonggu district of Southern Highlands has not received any of the over-orchestrated tuition fee free (TFF) education grants this year.
The situation has forced the teacher in-charge of Aipunda Elementary School, Stanley Umba, to spend his own money to buy materials for an incomplete double classroom building.
On Tuesday, Imbonggu district elementary school coordinator Mary Alkend, who was on a routine inspection, learnt of the financial situation the school had to put up with.
Just before Alkend arrived at the school, Umba had bargained and bought four pieces of timber to continue work on the building.
Umba said K16,000 was spent so far from last year’s allocation of TTF education funds on the building.
He said more money was needed to complete the interior works, including concrete flooring, windows, a water tank and other material.
Umba said he had compiled and given the school census data to relevant education officers in Mendi, but did not know why his school had not received any money.
School census data is information on enrolment figures and others which determine amounts of TFF education grants given to each school PNG-wide.
Alkend urged the people who were there on the school ground to assist and give building materials because it was their school to educate their children.
Alkend queried why education grants meant for many schools in the Imbonggu district were not released by the Education Department.
“This is a very serious situation and demands immediate attention from the department,” he said.

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