Eluh tasked to restructure SHP public service


THE National Executive Council has appointed Thomas Eluh as acting administrator for Southern Highlands.
In making the announcement, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said strong and capable leadership was required to overcome a number of challenges that had emerged in the region.
A distinguished officer of the police force, Eluh has been tasked to engage with community leaders to restructure the public service system and restore public confidence in the provincial administration, O’Neill said.
“As an assistant commissioner of police, Eluh has demonstrated sound judgement and effective leadership,” the prime minister said.
“He has wide experience in the public sector, particularly in the Highlands.
“During the course of the recent elections, the Southern Highlands experienced a more peaceful polling period than has been seen in many years.
“However, this has since been undermined and this is not acceptable.
“Effective governance must be restored so that people in the province can continue to grow their businesses and go about their everyday lives.
“The ongoing growth and development of the Southern Highlands is more important than the ambition of selfish individuals.”
O’Neill said that as the acting administrator, Eluh would work with the police commander Joseph Tondop to improve public order.
“I call on all community leaders in Southern Highlands to work with Eluh and Tondop,” he said.
“Eluh’s appointment is for three months, during which he is to restore governance structure and systems ahead of the appointment of a permanent administrator.”

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