Email a vital tool: Lupari


CHIEF Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari wants to see all officers from the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council to be connected to email.
“I would like to see everyone have email access so we can all communicate. I want to communicate with you,” he said.
Lupari said information technology was the way to go in the 21st century.
“Information technology is a tool that public relations would use to inform the public on the department’s principles and objectives.”
The chief secretary was speaking during the launch of the department’s new website this week at the Manasupe Haus.
“I am glad that finally we have a new website.”
Lupari praised the impact of the latest technology which has made communication much easier, quicker and more effective.
“I would like to use email to ask for funding from the Finance Department to purchase medical drugs for health centres. Information would reach Finance much faster.”

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