Employment issues addressed


THE Government is taking steps to address employment issues through the inclusiveness policy, says Labour and Employment secretary Mary Morola.
Morola told The National that there must be a common platform to bring together those who were self-employed, those in the small-to-medium enterprise and those in the informal sector.
“This workshop is looking at the development of the national employment policy framework,” Morola said.
“It’s actually putting some kind of a skeleton framework within the arena for policy formulators, think-tanks to drive the development of the national employment policy.”
Seven areas identified in the policy were Youth Unemployment, Informal Employment, Gender Inequality, Skills Development, Labour Mobility, Labour Market Data and Institutional and Legislative reforms.
“PNG does not have a national employment policy so we are bringing in people from various perspectives,” she said.
“This is the framework for the National Employment Policy for PNG and it’s a joint report done by the International Labour Organisation and the Asian Development Bank. The Employment Policy is one overarching policy that should bring everything together.”
She said they started last year on the policy following the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council development forum.
“From the outcomes, ILO will give that report to the department and we will take ownership of that.”

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