Empty seats a shame for such a high level event


I REFER to your front page article, “Tkatchenko deplores scalping of U20 tickets” (The National, Nov 23).
The Sports Minister is now trying to pass the buck for his own mistakes and failure resulting in the scalping of the FIFA U-20 World Cup tournament tickets, which has caused many fans to miss out to fill the empty stadium seats.
I cannot accept the Sports Minister’s explanation because we already had similar issues or instances in past rugby league games either between local teams or the SP Intrust Cup games hosted in Port Moresby.
Instead, the Sport Minister should blame himself and his organising committee’s failure for taking no actions from past experience and avoid it happening again in this soccer tournament.
You are part and parcel of the problem of why many of us missed out on this once in a life time opportunity to see the games live.
You should bow your head in great shame for PNG to host a World Cup game with empty stadium seats.
That’s incredible to the eyes of the world soccer fans.

Concerned, Via email

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