ENB community in Lae walks to raise funds for projects


THE East New Britain community in Lae, Morobe had a walkathon on Monday morning to raise funds to assist themselves and for projects back home.
The Lae-based United Church Pilapila Circuit members from the four villages – Ratung, Pilapila, Ratavul and Malaguna in East New Britain – started the walk early in the morning.
The group started the walkathon from Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium, down to Air Corps Road and ended at Hibiscus Avenue with breakfast.
Group vice chairperson Nemica Petero Jacob told The National the group was formed in March to assist and gather the people of the four villages living in Lae.
She said the turnout for the walk was very good and the group was joined by the Prima Power Soccer Club as well as St Paul’s Catholic parish members from Igam Barracks.
Jacob said the groups’ motto in their Kuanua langauge was nuk pa nagunan, translated in English – “remember home”.
Jacob invited those who have not yet done so to join the group.
She also invited members of other denominations to join the group in fundraising events, group gatherings and fellowships.
“The group had been formed because most of us from the four villages do not know each other that are here in Lae,” Jacob said.
“And it is about gathering all of us together and when a need arises we all will support each other.
“This is the first and the next walk that we will take would be bigger and better.
“And we hope this message gets out to the four villages’.”

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