ENB leaders briefed on issues


EAST New Britain Deputy Governor Cosmas Bauk has briefed the province’s five MPs on priority development issues they need to attend to immediately.
Governor Nakikus Konga, Gazelle MP Jelta Wong, Kokopo MP Emil Tammur, Pomio MP Elias Kapavore and Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat were sworn in by senior magistrate Samuel Lavutul yesterday.
Bauk thanked Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for giving three of the province’s MPs Cabinet positions (Wong as Police Minister, Tammur as Tourism and Culture Minister and Kapavore as Public Service Minister) and said East New Britain now had a stronger voice at the national level.
“This alone has given us a higher level of confidence and hope, especially after missed opportunities by past governments which had left the people discouraged and affected development,” Bauk said.
He said there were challenges which continued to impede the province’s strive for development and needed immediate attention.
They include the continued demand for autonomy for East New Britain, appointment of a provincial administrator, establishment of a provincial parliament building, a separate Baining electorate, fixing roads, building the economy, and updating the electoral roll to take place in districts and local level governments.
Bauk said infighting among leaders in the last five years resulted in the lack of service delivery.
“All provincial and national leaders must put aside their political differences, forgive each other and move on,” he said.

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