ENB looks to H’lands


THE East New Britain (ENB) Market Authority is inviting farmers in the Highlands to supply fresh vegetables and fruits to the province.
Officials from the authority visited Eastern Highlands and Western Highlands last week to assess potential farmers who could consistently supply fresh produce to the ENB Market Authority.
Authority provincial manager Herman Valvalu said the collaboration between the authority and Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) Limited would assist horticulture production and fresh produce marketing in ENB.
“Fresh produce marketing in the highlands is very aggressive and we can learn through the assistance of FPDA,” Valvalu said.
“The market allows the farmers, buyers and users to concentrate on their roles in the chain.
“That is why their markets are filled to capacity every week.”
He said fresh produce was a very lucrative business in the highlands and farmers had turned away from coffee farming because of its success.
“We want to see our farmers benefit in the long run. The market chain must be specialised and value-added so that consumers have a choice,” Valvalu said.
“Farmers must continue to supply our markets in ENB with adequate fresh produce supply.”
Officers from FPDA were in the province to work with the authority in determining the market chain value and conduct an assessment.

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