ENB man acquitted of murder charge


The Kokopo National Court has acquitted a man of murdering a former politician.
Felix Pavolaurea, of Pomio village in the Central Inland Pomio local-level government area, was charged with murdering former East New Britain politician Dr Pius Kosa.
Thirteen witnesses gave evidence.
Last week, Justice Salatiel Lenalia said there were inconsistencies with the timing, particularly when the victim was seen, allegations about a disputed block of land, witness identification and exhibits tendered to court.
He said there was evidence by defence witnesses that a number of State witnesses were harassed when police officers interviewed them.
“It was revealed by State witness, Philip Smith, that the police officers carrying out the investigation were drunk and acted abnormally,” Lenalia said.
“They were told to answer the questions put to them.”
He said it was not an allegation about the suspect being questioned during the interview but an allegation against the process undertaken during the investigations.
Lenalia found Pavolaurea not guilty on the basis of identification, saying the evidence provided by the prosecution was circumstantial.
Pavolaurea was subsequently released from custody.

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